Monday, November 2, 2009


Well, Australian Spring/Summer is being brought in today with the Melbourne Cup (horse race) and 37 degree weather (approximately 104 degrees for you all you septic tanks!). Besides the weather heating up, life here has been a bit quiet as StuVac (Study Vacation) has begun and finals begin in less than a week.

I've really been enjoying my last few weeks here in Sydney. I've been expanding my social circling and hanging with a few different groups of people to maximize my social experience here! I have been cutting back on my nights in the city and enjoying the social life that SUV has to offer.

Uncle Irving and Ronni were nice enough to take me out to Elizabeth Farm in Parramatta last weekend for the Olive Festival. Between the free samples, entertainment and food, the event was fun despite the rain. Uncle Irving had a great time telling me all the about the history of the farm, the wool industry, and much more Australian colonial history than anyone could ever need! After the farm, we went to Harris Farm (little India) and enjoyed some Indian food and shopping. We wraped the day up with a trip to little Italy for some gelato- we were such the world travellers that day!

I've been to Susie and Brian's for Shabbat a few times as well as having play dates with Jordy and Laila the past few weekends. I think I have a fan in Jordy as he has requested me to be his play date instead of his school friends- what can I say? The kid has good taste!

Besides the family and school time, my life has been a bit quiet here. I didn't realize that people actually studied during StuVac but, apparently they do! I cannot believe that 3 finals and 2 and a half weeks stand between me and the end of school! I am definitely ready for school to be finished but will be sad to leave Sydney behind. The only thing I have planned after exams are finished is spending my last days on Bondi Beach soaking up the sun before I head home to winter. But, not to worry, I will be careful in the water as there has been a large Great White Shark off the coast doing damage to other Great Whites (see picture...).

Work has been going really well too! Today I came home with a vest, pants and a cozzy- who else can say that? The winter ranges have been coming in as well and we have been having showings for all the mags the past couple of weeks so it has been a bit hectic!

Tomorrow night I am going over to Peter and Marlene's for dinner which should be good! They are by far my favorite couple to hang around and are just so down to earth!

Well, that's really all I have to share at the moment. I cannot wait to see everyone at home! I am definitely missing everyone and cannot wait to catch up! Love and miss you all!

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