Monday, August 24, 2009

$6 Lunch Specials, City Walkabouts and Footy

Hello, Hello!

Well, Lawdie left me today to head home to The States and I must say, I loved having my partner in crime with me in my new favorite city. Lawdie was here for 10 days and I don't think I have done more in such a short period of time than I did with her!
Despite arriving at 6:45am on Friday morning, Lawds was a trooper and allowed me to show her around Circular Quay, the Opera House, The Botanic Gardens, and George Street. Despite a full day of walking, traveling and only a short nap, Lawds and I hit the town and had a great first night together down at Darling Harbour at the Cargo Bar. Now, despite not paying for a single drink and dancing the night away, the one thing we learned was that the 20-something year old, too cool for school, investment bankers are not quite our type and called it a night at a mere 3am! Did I mention Lawdie had arrived at 645am? Ahh what a trooper!

The following day, the two of us woke at a reasonable hour, went for a quick run around the Uni (killing two birds with one stone- exercise and showing Lawds my new campus), walked through Chinatown, down to Darling Harbour and around to the Opera House. Well, Lawdie fell in love with Chinatown (she is kind of obsessed with Asian food) and we stopped for the best Chinese meal I have ever had at a hole in the wall place Lawdie's tour book had suggested. We walked our meal off walking through the rocks to Circular Quay and decided that it was a perfect day to grab the ferry to Manly. After staying at Manly for just over an hour, we decided to call it a day and head home. That night,we found ourselves at Kings Cross- the seediest, most guido area Sydney has to offer. Our 2 hours in Kings Cross was enough for us and we ended up at the Ivy in the CBD.

Sunday called for the Cooggee to Bondi Coastal Walk and we ended up laying out in the 26 degree weather- and they say its winter here?

The following week, while I was at class or work, Lawdie entertained herself with wandering the city, neighboring suburbs and frequenting Chinatown regularly. She also became quite keen of the $6 lunch special at the Thai restaurant down Kings St. I think she went in twice one day even- aw, I knew we were friends for a reason!
After becoming a regular at the local Thai restaurant, we knew we would have to be working off all the great food somehow so, we took to running together each day around the city! We have now run along the Harbour, the Botanic Gardens, Uni, and the park just down the street. Hopefully, I can keep this running thing up as I think I want to compete in a race when I return to the States....

Lawds and I found ourselves at an Irish pub in the city with some Uni friends on Tuesday and that was by far one of our best nights! This pub had a live band playing classic rock and, needless to say, Lawdie and I were in the middle of the dance floor dancing and singing along to each song. We had such a great time and didn't talk to anyone that came our way! It was the best workout we've had since we've been here!

After learning the city in the day and the night, Lawdie's trip came to a close (but not before she grabbed a lunch special to go to keep her satisfied on the plane)! It was great to see Lawds, show her around, and catch up with an old friend! I am definitely going to miss having my partner in crime with me but, all good things must come to an end. I have to admit though, it will be good to get back on track with my eating habits- Lawdie and I are not the best influences on each other when it comes to eating. Gotta love the fat kids!

Another thing Lawdie and I learned during her visit was the difference between rugby (footy) and yanks had no idea what the difference was. The one thing we took away from the stunned guys that were explaining the differences to us was that one wears tshirts and one wears tanks! Ha, leave it to the girls to understand the uniform aspect but nothing else. Aw well, at least we know which one is which when they're on the telly now!

Back to school today and I am a bit behind on reading however, I know I will catch up within the next few days and hopefully get a bit ahead as I have another visitor coming in a couple of weeks.

Work begins again tomorrow and I can't wait to see whats in store for me there. I always love going to work- I dunno if its all the perks or being surrounded by designer clothing that gets to me but, whatever it is, I love it!

I am definitely starting to miss the family and wish they were here with me but, alas, this is what going abroad is all about.

Hope this keeps everyone entertained for a bit! Love and miss you all!

Peace, Love and Free Drinks!

Monday, August 17, 2009

beaches, visitors, and free clothes

So after officially being dubbed the worst blogger of all time by my family, its about time I get my blog on!
So much has happened since my last post I'm not quite sure where to begin...
Ill start with school as this is the whole reason I'm here right? Well, classes are fantastic despite having only 1 Australian professor (I have to travel to the other side of the world to be taught by Americans?)Although there is a good amount of reading for all 3 of my courses each week, it hasn't been hard staying on top of it all while still enjoying all the social functions Sydney has to offer.
In my tutorials (discussions to all you septic tanks), I am a bit scared to talk to be quite honest as people have already made it clear how they feel about Americans and our view of the world. I must say, I've had to remind people that I am Australian as well so I'm hoping they don't judge me too harshly! Also, I am quite upset with my parents and the fact they chose to raise us in the States- the education system there is definitely not up to par! All in all however, I'm doing very well in school and couldn't be any happier with how it is all turning out!
Work is fantastic as well. I received my first perks last week that came in the form of 2 blazers! And, my boss put Lawdie and I on the guest list for a private event at a posh club in the city- ah life is good! Just today I put in an order for a few dresses from a designer that decided she couldn't afford to pay my boss but she can pay her in clothes instead! Hey, my boss isn't paying me any money so at least I was able to order the clothes! So, come summer I should be sporting a completely free and fashionable wardrobe! Ugh, my life is so hard!
Dad arrived last Tuesday so it was good to see the ol' papa bear in his old stomping ground! We took a trip down the southern coast, past Wollongong and then went west to the Kangaroo Valley. Well, the one thing I discovered was that calling it the Kangaroo Valley is just false advertising- there's no bloody roos there let me tell you! So, needless to say, I was a bit disappointed with that part of the road trip but the sweeping green mountains and plush bush made up for it I suppose.
The beaches in and around Sydney are to die for! Coming from someone who grew up on the beaches of southern California, let me just say that we have no idea what a real beach is! White sands and clear blue water is not something that you can only find in Hawaii- every beach here is a tropical paradise.
With all the exploring, night life and socialising I've been participating in, I think its safe to say that I have found my new home! I am definitely sold on living here but, unfortunately, I must graduate at UC Davis first. So, yes, I will be coming home for winter and spring quarter but, I think I am changing my ticket so that I can be here for New Years Eve.
I love and miss everyone and will do my best to be more prompt with my blogging- no more 2 week waits.
Peace, love and Bondi Beach